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We are a solutions partner primarily driven by improving workforce efficiency and appreciate that automation technology enables profound business outcomes when applied appropriately. Our overarching objective is to successfully improve customer business processes and realize their financial targets.

TouchStar customers gain meaningful automation freedom from legacy back office system limitations, timelines, and conflicting roadmap agendas. Through a proven history of successful medium and large scale interface development, our sophisticated technology framework simplifies ongoing automation advancements.

Through a combination of comprehensive levels of data integration from multiple systems, ergonomic installations that eliminate cabin entries, and thoughtful user interface and workflow; our customers gain a solution that both delights and improves user efficiency in their mission critical, traditionally harsh environments.

Fit for purpose systems within an expandable technology framework, highly effective support, and a management owned company focused on building results based relationships enables high-quality solutions that meet long-term customer needs. We understand that maintaining progressive relevance and appeal is key to accomplishing this.

We are a holistic partner with deep industry segment expertise willing not only to underwrite a projects’ budget and functional outcomes, but also the financial expectations and gains of automation results.

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