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TS Schedule

TS Schedule creates a platform to plan, manage, and execute workforce scheduling and maximize field force productivity. It is specifically designed for mobility scheduling through multi-dimensional coordination of field workers, skill level, and vehicle or equipment type. The application rules accommodate service level agreements (SLA) and rain-affected days with summary man-hour data and all scheduled project work for Enterprise Accounting Systems, while also providing centralized visibility to improve customer service responsiveness.

Use TS Schedule to:

  • Synchronize Multi-Member Scheduling including dispatchers, customers, and field workers. View resource-free periods for further scheduling.
  • Automatically Generate Schedules based on predetermined criteria.
  • Integrate SLAs with Rules-Based Scheduling so that contractual and regulatory obligations can be allocated in parallel to new business demands.
  • Manage KPIs, Inventory, and Customer Data with customizable reports and analytic requirements that can be readily assimilated to ReportPro.
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TS Schedule Monitor
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