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TS ReportPro

Business Intelligence & Custom Reporting

TS ReportPro software delivers unique business intelligence with unparalleled reporting capabilities to maximize automation benefits.

TS ReportPro is a desktop and server application designed to easily create and maintain complex reports or export configured report data from central servers housing mobility and enterprise application transactional information.

Standardized Industry Reports

Easily accessible reporting formats, methodologies and Key Performance Indicators (KPI) criteria are pre-configured to industry developed standards.

Executive Dashboard

ReportPro provides executive dashboard configuration for internal management functions and some customer reporting. Daily fleet and field KPIs can be easily condensed without additional system burdens.

Specially Engineered for Mobility

ReportPro is uniquely designed to aggregate and leverage vast amounts of mobility data for reporting and analytical serviceability beyond the capacity of a typical ERP system.

Multifaceted, Multilevel & Automated Reporting

ReportPro interprets and formats complex and multilayered data for holistic visibility of comprehensive field operations and reads specific data fields for regular reporting and comparative analysis. Automatic emailing of standard reports is rules based and easily managed.

Data Mining

Serving as a mediator between the field and your ERP, ReportPro streamlines vast amounts of field data and is configured to manage field generated forms.


ReportPro standardizes paperless processes and electronically translates field data to actionable intelligence.

Custom Report Designer

Operational, administrative and customer centric reports are customizable and the intuitive interface allows for simplified template development. Customer analytic requirements can be readily assimilated to ReportPro.

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