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TS HyperDocs

TS HyperDocs securely and transparently digitizes all transactions, documents, and signatures from TouchStar’s Mobility Applications, eliminating the need for enterprise-based paper copies. Dynamic record access and rules-based automated archiving are defining features of HyperDocs. Automatic customer emails for same-day transactions and multi-transaction auto collating for large, complex enterprises are part of its scalable document management capabilities.

Use TS HyperDocs to:

  • Make Paper Copies of Transactions Unnecessary with electronic signature capture and powerful field back-up systems.
  • Minimize Disputes with real-time, downloadable summary transactions, payment schedules, and customer documents that are reproducible through simple screen display, printer, email, fax, web download or automated export file format for ERP systems.
  • Perform Storage and Retrieval for Any Data Format, including 3rd party PDF and JPEG images that are securely reproduced via binary encryption and cannot be altered.
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Mobile Apps are components in the FleetAtlas framework. See where TS HyperDocs resides in the larger automation solution.

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