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TS FleetWatch

TS FleetWatch is a cloud-based fleet management application that, when combined with iTRACK/intelTRACK, provides real-time location tracking of your fleet as well as data collected from each vehicle. Monitor a single vehicle or the entire fleet on a continual basis through the customized web-based portal.

Use TS FleetWatch to:

  • Improve Dispatch Processes by providing customers with accurate arrival and departure times based on optimized route specifications.
  • Eliminate Inefficient and Erratic Delivery Routes with automated scheduling that allows for routes to be created based on the most fuel-efficient course.
  • Enhance Communications by working directly with drivers for schedule changes and updates throughout the day.
  • Make Informed Decisions with readily accessible data about delivery routes, customer orders and deliveries, and vehicle activities.
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Mobile Apps are components in the FleetAtlas framework. See where TS FleetWatch resides in the larger automation solution.

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