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TS FleetMarshal helps businesses track their fleet vehicles.

TS FleetMarshal provides real-time schedule management for your entire fleet, improving field force productivity and customer service responsiveness. It allows dispatchers to assign unscheduled work and manage changes with simple drag-and-drop functionality. Transaction documents such as digitized delivery tickets and invoices can be accessed directly via TS HyperDocs.

Use TS FleetMarshal to:

  • Provide Accurate Travel Data using GPS bread crumbing. Delivery details are captured on-site, and field worker schedules can be adjusted on the fly.
  • Improve Customer Service by offering immediate access to transaction details, receipt signatures, and irrefutable arrival and departure times.
  • Generate Custom Reporting with real-time data while KPI parameters automatically monitor and report on individuals or groups.
  • Increase Fleet Security with event-driven alarms that are transmitted automatically if sensitive vehicles veer off pre-determined routes.
  • Improve Dispatch Flexibility by adding new and unscheduled orders to routes or swapping overloaded routes as necessary.
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Fleet management software allows companies to gain visibility into their fleet.
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