TS EMEA Brings NextGen Automation Solutions to expo PetroTrans

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Tulsa, OK, USA – 20 September 2016 –TS EMEA, a provider of logistics and mobility software solutions, announced that it will present its NextGen enterprise software at expo PetroTrans on 29 September – 1 October 2016, in Messe Kassel, Germany. expo PetroTrans is the international trade fair for logistics, transportation, and handling in the petroleum industry.

The TS EMEA booth in Halle 3, Stand A06, will be one of 100 petroleum logistics companies exhibiting at expo PetroTrans, a show that will welcome more than 4,000 attendees from 40+ nations. TS EMEA will demonstrate products designed to meet the modern fleet management needs of the petroleum industry, including TouchStar Group’s proprietary TransPac Android application as well as the company’s integrated telematics and fleet tracking solution, FleetWatch.

“TS EMEA is excited to attend expo PetroTrans,” said TS EMEA’s CEO, Robert Pabeschitz. “We look forward to furthering our European trade show presence at an event that is so key to international petroleum logistics.”

TS EMEA recognizes expo PetroTrans as a trade show that is closely connected to its company mission and to its business partners. TS EMEA’s goal at the show is to further strengthen its presence as a multinational provider of automation solutions and to connect in person with its many European stakeholders. Currently, TouchStar Group’s integrations fleet software is utilized by over 500 companies internationally.

“expo PetroTrans provides a very unique opportunity in that it serves such a vastly global audience,” said TS EMEA General Manager, Gerald Daniel. “TS EMEA’s scalable FleetAtlas Framework is the perfect solution for the international petroleum transportation audience we expect to see at the show.”

TS EMEA will be located in the Messe Kassel Exhibition Centre in Halle 3, Stand A06, Thursday – Saturday, 29 September – 1 October. Meetings may be arranged with Gerald Daniel, TS EMEA General Manager, by contacting TS EMEA online at touchstargroup.com/contact-page-ts-emea/. Mr. Daniel may also be contacted via email at sales@touchstargroup.com, or by phone at +43 (1) 294 47 11.

TS EMEA, part of the larger TouchStar Group headquartered in the USA, is part of a leading multinational logistics and mobility software provider delivering solutions that meet the specific needs of the Oil & Gas, Field Service, Transportation, and Consumer Goods industries. For more information about TouchStar, please visit touchstargroup.com.

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