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TS Easy Planning is a smarter approach to fleet management.

TS Easy Planning allows for efficient routes to be created based on scheduled deliveries and driver availability for the day, then communicates the schedule and GPS directions directly to the driver. Dispatchers can easily enter new deliveries directly into an existing route, ensuring delivery times are met while still meeting fleet efficiency goals.

Use TS Easy Planning to:

  • Increase Efficiency with order deliveries that are automatically created and assigned to the most accessible vehicle and prioritized based on the most efficient route for each driver.
  • Save Fuel with automated scheduling that allows for routes to be created based on fuel-efficiency. Routes are automatically populated with GPS navigation directions
  • Improve Customer Service by entering orders into the system as they are received. Then, communicate the approximate delivery time to the customer based on the route scheduled. Additionally, customer notes can be added for drivers to view in the field.
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