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TransPac DSD

TransPac Direct Store Delivery (DSD) is a mobility application designed to automate and standardize processes for van and route sales companies, connecting route delivery drivers with distributor, CRM, planning, and accounting systems. TransPac DSD automates transactions in real-time, eliminating the need for historical order taking, manual duplication, and paper-based administration. Drivers use mobile devices, connected with high-resolution printers that store and transfer data directly to back office systems in real time.

Use TransPac DSD to:

  • Increase Driver Utilization with customizable client data and customer lists sorted by visit order, loaded directly from the planning system.
  • Increase Driver Efficiency by providing inventory, returns, odometer readings, and all payments as a single end-of-day report.
  • Simplify Pricing & Billing by managing SKUs, recalling differentiated daily pricing against separate accounts to price any historic credits and manage forward order taking, alterations, & standard daily invoicing.
  • Manage Inventory by enabling field staff to receive and fulfill orders on site while ensuring there is sufficient stock for the remaining deliveries; then follow up by sending delivery information to back office systems.
  • Improve Customer Service by providing a self-service website to customers, allowing them to view and print their own delivery records.
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