TouchStar DUG MidcontinentTULSA, OKLAHOMA, UNITED STATES, September 12, 2017 — TouchStar, a multinational provider of logistics and mobility software solutions, announced that it will be attending the DUG Midcontinent conference in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA. The three-day event takes place September 19-21, 2017.

TouchStar Sales Manager, David Fredericks, and Sales Executive, Robert Strohl, will be representing the company in booth #423 at the Cox Convention Center in Oklahoma City. Fredericks and Strohl will be providing hands-on demonstrations of TouchStar’s WellSite mobility app, an Android-based app that is particularly suited to the work of crude haulers, water haulers, and well site service companies. The two will also be presenting TS HyperDocs, TouchStar’s enterprise Business Intelligence solution that reduces paper use by digitizing transactions, documents, and signatures from TouchStar’s integrated applications. DUG Midcontinent attendees can also view TouchStar’s cloud-based fleet management dispatch app, TS FleetWatch, as well as the company’s FMCSA-compliant Hours of Service app, eLOG, at the convention.

“We know that producers in the unconventionals arena are emphasizing efficiency during this somewhat turbulent market recovery,” said TouchStar Sales Manager, David Fredericks. “Every TouchStar product is specifically designed to execute efficiently, which empowers users to deliver with speed and flexibility, and ultimately, to see tangible, quantifiable, fiscal benefits.”

At DUG Midcontinent, TouchStar hopes to deepen its relationship with the members of the unconventionals industry and to provide increased insight into its crude hauling and well site services solutions. Additionally, TouchStar’s well site fluid hauling solutions complement Midcontinent’s newly-added Water Forum. TouchStar’s solutions allow companies to manage fresh water hauling, saltwater pickup and disposal, and flowback services within a single system. At press time, TouchStar’s integrations fleet software is utilized by over 500 companies internationally.

“TouchStar is a natural partner to unconventional E&P operators,” commented TouchStar CEO, Peter Gibbs. “Our modern, scalable solutions serve to facilitate the specific well site needs of this unique industry segment.”

TouchStar will be sponsoring a square in DUG’s Exhibitor BINGO Game taking place at the Midcontinent event. BINGO card-holders can visit TouchStar at Booth #423 to get their BINGO card marked. In doing so, participants enter the running to win a Chapparal 210 Suncoast boat.

Meetings and demonstrations may be arranged with Fredericks and Strohl by contacting TouchStar online at, via email at, or by phone at 918-307-7100.

About Touchstar
TouchStar is a leading multinational logistics and mobility software provider delivering solutions that meet the specific needs of the Oil & Gas, Transportation, and Consumer Goods industries. With a 20 year history and systems worldwide, TouchStar provides cloud and on-premise solutions ranging from fleet tracking applications to comprehensive enterprise mobility and automated accounting solutions. TouchStar is headquartered in Tulsa, OK with technology and support offices in Australia, New Zealand, and Austria. For more information about TouchStar, please visit

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