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iTRACK is a truck tracking solution that allows you to increase speed of service.

iTRACK is an interactive, easy to deploy a fleet management solution with GPS tracking, driver behavior monitoring, and Geo-Fence and security capabilities with an online interface that provides critical insight and real-time data for any fleet manager.

Use iTRACK to:

  • Lower Fuel Costs by reducing unnecessary stops, creating more direct routes, decreasing idle time, and eliminating unauthorized usage.
  • Increase Productivity with efficiency gains that allow for more time working and less time driving.
  • Reduce Overtime Costs with automated reporting that enables accurate time tracking.
  • Improve Customer Service by providing customers with accurate arrival and departure times.
  • Enhance Safety and Security with driver behavior and geographic zone monitoring.


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Contact TouchStar to learn how iTRACK can improve your processes; or, schedule a live demo with a TouchStar representative.

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Take Advantage of our Global Support & Services

TouchStar offers consulting and professional services, implementation and installation assistance, and managed services.

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Prepare to Grow as Your Fleet Needs Increase

Mobile Apps are components in the FleetAtlas framework. See where iTRACK resides in the larger automation solution.

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Download the iTRACK PDF for more information

Get additional details on iTRACK features, product screenshots, and iTRACK’s role in the larger automation & mobility framework.

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