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IntelTRACK GPS fleet tracking solutions let you maximize productivity.

With GPS tracking, driver behavior monitoring, Geo-Fence capabilities, and a Can-Bus interface, intelTRACK is an integrated telematics and fleet tracking solution that provides valuable insight into the location and activities of your vehicles and drivers. Add GPS navigation and In-Cab Driver Coach options for full driver support.

Use intelTRACK to:

  • Lower Fuel Costs by reducing unnecessary stops, creating more direct routes, decreasing idle time, and eliminating unauthorized usage.
  • Decrease Vehicle Wear and Tear by creating and enforcing better driving habits and by adopting proactive maintenance practices.
  • Protect Your Drivers with verbal notifications about speeding, harsh braking, and excessive idle time.
  • Improve Workforce Productivity with reports that analyze miles driven, driver behavior, and drive time of individual vehicles or the entire fleet.
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IntelTRACK provides fleet management, GPS asset tracking.
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