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Waste Management

Regardless the size of your waste management fleet, an optimized route is critical to ensuring an efficient and cost-effective operation. Our integrated solution allows you to input every street that needs to be covered and creates the most efficient route for each truck.

Waste Management with TouchStar

You gain the ability to track each waste management truck in your fleet on TouchStar’s interactive map, view driver behavior details, and leverage data produced to enhance the performance of your drivers. With this level of insight to your fleet, dispatchers are better equipped to manage changes and create new, efficient routes quickly.

  • Optimize routes for efficient territory coverage.
  • Decrease mileage and fuel usage.
  • Easily integrate new customers or regions.
  • Gain visibility of your entire fleet or individual trucks in real time.
TS FleetWatch
TS Easy Planning

TS Easy Planning

Entry Level Ticket Allocation & Fleet Planning
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