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Textile Service

For organizations in the textile service industry, your customers rely on quality service and timely deliveries. In order to meet these requirements, efficiency is key – both in the office and in the field. Integrating fleet tracking, routing, and scheduling will allow you to meet those demands while simultaneously reducing mileage and fuel consumption.

Textile Service with TouchStar

Maintain consistent textile service quality and fleet efficiency with TouchStar’s integrated textile service delivery software solutions, and ensure your textile, uniform, and linen supply customer needs are always met. With data automatically transferred from the field to back office systems, processes become streamlined, and costs are reduced.

  • Integrate mobile devices with dispatch and planning software to create an in-depth fleet management system.
  • Optimize routes based on territories and daily work orders.
  • GPS vehicle tracking enables dispatchers to efficiently schedule jobs.
  • View entire fleet on single screen or zoom-in to view details on an individual truck.
  • Improve driver behavior with a verbal in-cab coach.
TS FleetWatch

TS Easy Planning

Entry Level Ticket Allocation & Fleet Planning
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