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Local distribution

For local distribution companies, day-to-day fleet operations can become difficult to manage in an efficient manner. Whether transporting products across town or multiple states, maintaining low operating costs and high efficiency is of the utmost importance.

Local Distribution with TouchStar

TouchStar’s local distribution management software goes beyond simple fleet tracking and dispatching to create a true fleet management platform that provides valuable insight into business operations. With integrated tracking, route planning, and dispatch applications, you gain a complete solution to manage your fleet and improve operational efficiency.

  • GPS fleet tracking enables dispatchers to easily manage adjustments and resources.
  • Optimize routes for location and delivery time to improve efficiency.
  • Gain visibility of your entire fleet with real-time status updates.
  • Monitor driver behavior to improve fleet safety.

S. Tahedl

Team Leader

”The ability to send a delivery schedule with a predetermined route directly to the driver is great. We are now completing 15% more deliveries on a daily basis.”
Case Studies
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Global trading company increases delivery efficiency across multiple business sectors
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TS FleetWatch
TS Easy Planning

TS Easy Planning

Entry Level Ticket Allocation & Fleet Planning
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TouchStar Apps are built on the FleetAtlas Framework

Mobility Apps are components in a larger complete automation solution named FleetAtlas. Progressively add components as your company grows.

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