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Efficient scheduling and dispatch is vital for HVAC service companies, where even a few minutes saved at each service call could mean one more job scheduled for the day. When sending technicians for maintenance, service, or repair work, HVAC dispatch software provides improved efficiencies and valuable data that many companies don’t have access to with traditional paper processes.

HVAC Dispatch with TouchStar

TouchStar’s integrated fleet tracking, route planning, and dispatch applications provide a complete solution to effectively manage your HVAC service fleet.

  • GPS vehicle tracking enables dispatchers to optimize resources for efficient scheduling.
  • Build routes based on scheduled jobs and priority.
  • View your entire fleet on an interactive map to dispatch the closest technician.
  • Improve driver behavior with in-cab coaching.

J. DiSanto


“The ServiCE automated field service software has definitely complimented our existing TransPac LPG propane delivery software solution and has allowed us to take far greater control of what our field service techs are doing.”

Case Study
Disanto Propane
A propane & HVAC service provider incorporates automated field service processes to improve customer service
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TS FleetWatch

TS Easy Planning

Entry Level Ticket Allocation & Fleet Planning
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TouchStar Apps?

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TouchStar Apps are built on the FleetAtlas Framework

Mobility Apps are components in a larger complete automation solution named FleetAtlas. Progressively add components as your company grows.

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Cloud Fleet Management

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