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Home Service

Managing a successful home service company can quickly become overwhelming with the amount of paperwork orders and invoices produced on a daily basis. Ensuring that jobs are scheduled and completed in a timely and efficient manner becomes more difficult the larger your business grows.

Home Service with TouchStar

TouchStar’s home service scheduling software can provide a solution for removing the paper load while allowing for efficient dispatching and data collection. When someone has a pest or plumbing issue, you need the ability to react quickly. By replacing the traditional manual, paper-based process; automated home service scheduling software allows for efficient and flexible dispatching of field workers for estimates, inspections, and work orders.

  • Create efficient routes and send directions to in-cab navigation device.
  • Track work orders and optimize schedules based on priority.
  • GPS vehicle tracking enables dispatchers to easily manage adjustments and field resources.
  • Gain visibility of your entire fleet or view details on a single vehicle.

M. Farr

General Mgr.

“We selected TouchStar because they demonstrated a strong understanding of our industry’s needs, understood the technical aspects of mobile computing, and have proven to be an excellent and cooperative partner in this process.”

J. DiSanto


”The ServiCE automated field service software has allowed us to take far greater control of what our field service techs are doing.”
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Amalgamated Pest Control
Australia’s largest privately-owned pest control company improves cash flow with ServiCE software
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Disanto Case Study
A propane & HVAC service provider incorporates automated field service processes to improve customer service
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TS FleetWatch
TS Easy Planning

TS Easy Planning

Entry Level Ticket Allocation & Fleet Planning
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TouchStar Apps are built on the FleetAtlas Framework

Mobility Apps are components in a larger complete automation solution named FleetAtlas. Progressively add components as your company grows.

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