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Well Site Fluid Hauling

Improved efficiencies on the well site benefit both drivers and drillers. By automating pick-up and offload processes with a well site fluid hauling software solution, your drivers will be able to complete pickups and offloads more effectively, allowing everyone involved to get more done.

Well Site Fluid Hauling with TouchStar

Replacing paper ticketing and invoicing with an automated TouchStar well site fluid hauling solution, managed through a handheld device, your drivers can quickly complete jobs and deliver accurate tickets and data to your customers and your back office.

Integrated tracking, compliance, and dispatch applications allow your fleet managers to efficiently plan routes and provides management with deep insight into fleet data and activity reports.

  • Manage fresh water hauling, saltwater pickup and disposal, and flowback services within a single system.
  • Loaded and unloaded mileage and time are tracked in the handheld and integrated into your accounting system.
  • Automate pricing variables by customer, well, or process – construction, drilling, completion, and production.
  • Eliminate paper processes with automatic water hauling and offload tickets and invoices.
  • Data entered by the driver transfers directly to the back office, eliminating the need for manual data entry.


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