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Accuracy and the ability to react quickly to changes are vital pieces of a nimble aviation fuel management model in an industry in which flight plans can change in an instant and with minimal warning. Without the ability to re-route fuel trucks quickly and the business intelligence to ensure that re-routed trucks have the right amount of fuel onboard, delays become extended and profits are greatly impacted.

Aviation Fuel Management with TouchStar

TouchStar’s aviation fuel management software provides fueling companies with the actionable insights needed to react to changes quickly and efficiently and to improve dispatching processes and reduce overall costs by removing slow, expensive paper processes.

  • FIDS updates are sent directly to fuel truck drivers and dispatchers so adjustments can be made based on flight schedule changes or delays.
  • Automated delivery tickets and invoicing eliminate the need for manually-produced paper tickets, saving time at each delivery.
  • Integrated GPS tracking provides dispatchers with insight into truck position, allowing them to route trucks to the closest gates based on their current location.
  • Mobile devices are integrated with dispatch and planning software to create an in-depth fleet management system.
  • Fuel volumes and product transfers in the field are monitored for real-time inventory management.
  • Data entered by drivers transfers directly to the back office, eliminating the need for manual data entry.
AvPac Aviation Fuel Management


Aviation Fuel Management
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