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Bakery Distribution

Improving accuracy and supply chain efficiency are top of mind for every baked goods distributor. In order to accomplish these goals, many bakery distribution companies have realize that they must transition away from their traditional operational processes, which are time-consuming and labor intensive. Planning delivery routes and schedules has become too complex to manage manually.

Bakery Distribution with TouchStar

Creating an integrated bakery distribution solution – including route planning, scheduling, and fleet management – not only simplifies these processes, but enhances the capability of your workforce – giving them the ability to get more done in less time. These automated processes create an environment where data collected in the field is automatically transferred to your back-office and ERP systems.

  • Eliminate manual, paper processes and gain real-time access to field data.
  • Optimize routes to reduce fuel consumption and miles driven.
  • View location and status of your entire fleet on a single map.
  • In-cab navigation and driver behavior coaching improve driver efficiency.
  • Monitor on-board inventory levels in real time.
Drive sales and performance in your direct store delivery processes.

G. Saudi

Group Mgr

“TouchStar has transformed our previous paper-driven systems. We have achieved substantial improvements in efficiency and productivity, and streamlined the allocation of resources whilst reducing waste.”
Case Study
Tip Top Case Study
Australia’s largest bakery reduces costs by eliminating paper processes with TransPac DSD software
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TS Easy Planning

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