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A US crude transporter headquartered in Denver, CO drastically improves business processes with electronic ticketing

TransMontaigne Partners, L.P. is a highly successful terminaling services company, providing product transportation through a master limited partnership. The company provides integrated terminal use, storage, and transportation services for distributors and marketers of both light and heavy refined petroleum products, crude oil, chemicals, fertilizers, and other liquid products.

TransMontaigne is the leader in the storage and transport of gasoline and several types of diesel fuel, heating oil, and jet fuel. With corporate headquarters in Denver, CO, TransMontaigne has impressive regional facilities located in five geographic areas of the U.S., which are home to more than 40 product storage terminals.


As TransMontaigne expanded in to the crude oil distribution arena, they began to understand that more efficient processes were needed to be successful. “Our management recognized the important need for workflow automation when the company began its expansion into crude oil in 2010,” said Kathy Pineda-Wondero, TransMontaigne Senior Accountant, Crude Oil.

Meeting today’s challenges in a rapidly changing business environment can be demanding for even the most progressive company. In a dynamic industry such as crude oil marketing, gathering, and transportation, having reliable automated business systems which capture and process information in a timely, accurate, and efficient way can make the difference between financial profitability and financial loss.


  • Create alignment of systems and processes with overall strategic business objectives
  • Enable data accessibility, reducing response time of information requests
  • Streamline processing to support business growth without proportional overhead
  • Ability to supply customers and suppliers with key information
  • Empower third-party haulers with the latest in electronic ticketing technology

Solution Implemented

WellSite, the adaptive field automation solution developed specifically by TouchStar for the upstream petroleum industry, was selected by TransMontaigne to automate the paper intensive processes that crude haulers use to record quantities of product collected from oil lease sites, and the corresponding discharge at pipeline injection points. “We made contact with TouchStar as they are a leader in enterprise mobility software systems for the Oil & Gas Industry,” added Pineda-Wondero.

WellSite addresses the common challenges by automating the lease site and pipeline injection point ticketing process, and enabling vital data to be captured at the source. That data is then off-loaded overnight and imported directly into TransMontaigne’s back office systems, reducing time delays from days to hours. Route information is also stored and updated daily, with all volume and quantity calculations performed, completely eliminating the need for handwritten tickets with a high-speed, in-cab printer.


TransMontaigne was already seeing better than expected results shortly after implementation was completed. “Our initial assumptions were that we could process approximately 2,500 tickets per month, yet last month, while still new to the processes, we actually processed 3,525 tickets, were on 5 pipelines, and ran 100 railcars – all with the same staff,” said Pineda-Wondero. “Our drivers love the electronic ticketing, our back office accounting personnel appreciate the accuracy and visibility of the data, management will benefit from the immediate feedback to marketers, and equally important – our customers perceive it all as an added-value.”

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