TOTAL Deutschland GmbH

Downstream powerhouse finds new ways to improve supply chain bottom line

Total Deutschland

Part of TOTAL S.A., TOTAL Deutschland GmbH realized new efficiency gains through TouchStar’s TransPac mobility app.

TOTAL Deutschland GmbH Company Profile
Founded: 1955
Headquarters: Berlin, Germany
Primary Industry: Crude refining and marketing

Part of the larger TOTAL S.A. organization, TOTAL Deutschland GmbH provides crude refining, marketing, and other downstream petroleum services to clients throughout Germany.

In 2016, TOTAL Deutschland processed 6 million tons of gasoline and diesel. This volume does not include the heating oil, methanol, aviation fuel and other products TOTAL Deutschland processes each year. Transporting these products to its 1,200 petrol stations, meeting the needs of 650,000 customers daily at TOTAL service stations across Germany, is an incredible supply chain feat in and of itself.


As one might imagine, the paperwork burden experienced by TOTAL Deutschland was immense. This burden sprouted profit-draining inefficiencies in the company’s otherwise sophisticated distribution system. Transparency was limited and digital communications with third-party suppliers needed to be modernized.


  • Decrease the massive paperwork load
  • Improve large-scale delivery efficiency
  • Evolve an intuitive communication tool for third-party suppliers

Solution Implemented

In addition to making infrastructure updates, TouchStar introduced its TransPac mobility app to TOTAL Deutschland’s existing logistics system. TransPac automates and standardizes processes for fuel and petroleum distributors and connects drivers with dispatch, planning, and back-office systems.


TransPac delivered immediate efficiency gains to TOTAL Deutschland. more specifically, TransPac allowed for a significant reduction in manual paperwork, which allowed TOTAL to complete more deliveries

Additionally, TOTAL dispatchers were now able to monitor trucks real-time on a map overlay from a birds-eye point of view. This enabled dispatchers to provide accurate route information to drivers using the most direct route available at the time of delivery. This real-time intelligence combined with historical route information allowed fleet managers to understand best practices for delivery in the sometimes challenging network of roadways.

TransPac became an effective tool for both internal communications between dispatchers and drivers as well as external communications between TOTAL and third-party suppliers.

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