Pinnacle Propane

Residential and commercial propane distributor minimizes manual processes and does away with paper ticketing

Pinnacle Propane
Pinnacle Propane Truck

Using TransPac LPG, Pinnacle automated and standardized processes for their bulk and cylinder propane distribution.

Pinnacle Propane Company Profile
Founded: 2010
Headquarters: Irving, TX
Primary Industry: Residential and Commercial Propane

Pinnacle Propane was formed in 2010 from a conglomeration of several Texas retail propane companies. The resulting entity continues to uphold its mission to “bring innovative ideas to the propane industry to provide customers with the best service, safety and value.”

An experienced management team helps to further Pinnacle’s mission through the company’s local operations. Headquartered in Irving, TX, Pinnacle maintains nearly 40 such local offices, peppered throughout south central United States. From Kansas City, Missouri, to the US-Mexico border in south Texas, the company serves to bring its regional buying power to each of its individual customers.


In the early 2000s, Pinnacle Propane implemented a new back office system. Additionally, the company was searching for a system that minimized manual processes and that did away with paper tickets. Pinnacle had no previous mobility solution, and company leaders realized that such a solution would be necessary in order to realize increasing growth in delivery efficiency.


  • Move away from paper ticketing
  • Minimize manual processes
  • Tighter controls over dispatching
  • Incorporate a mobility solution that interfaced with their new back office system

Solution Implemented

Pinnacle Propane implemented TouchStar’s TransPac LPG, a mobility application that automates and standardizes processes for bulk and cylinder propane distribution and service companies. This solution addressed Pinnacle’s most pressing back office needs.

Additionally, in an effort to move away from paper ticketing, Pinnacle selected TouchStar’s HyperDocs, a business intelligence software solution that securely digitizes transactions, documents, and signatures. Electronic signatures and invoice geocodes are saved to powerful backup systems, so if questions arise at any point, the files can be accessed by Pinnacle with ease.


TransPac LPG connected Pinnacle’s delivery drivers with the company’s back office systems. In addition, with the implementation of TransPac LPG, Pinnacle drivers and dispatchers now know exactly what inventory is available on each truck in real-time. This intelligence is integrated into Pinnacle’s ERP, making the customer invoicing process much more efficient.

With HyperDocs, Pinnacle drivers are now able to capture signatures on-site and electronically store them in their database. Pinnacle customer documents are then reproducible through simple screen display, printer, email, fax, web download, or automated export file format, as necessary.

The combination of TouchStar software, mobility apps and proprietary software diminished the number of manual processes that were being carried out by Pinnacle Propane drivers. No longer tied down by lengthy manual processes, Pinnacle delivery drivers realized increased bandwidth and quicker deliveries.

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