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Swiss heating oil distributor introduces new planning tool to combat unwieldy paperwork

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While Oel Pool maintains a sense of humor about refueling, the company had to take a serious look at inefficiencies. They decided to counter them using the TransPac mobility app.

Oel PoolOel Pool AG Company Profile
Founded: 1975
Headquarters: Suhr, Switzerland
Primary Industry: Heating Oil Distribution & Service Stations

Oel-Pool has been distributing heating oil and diesel throughout the country of Switzerland since 1975. Beyond merely distributing fuels, Oel-Pool prides itself on its unique, friendly service provision. According to their website, “The sympathetic, cheeky appearance of gas stations you get for free. After all, nobody said that refueling should not be fun” (translated).

While Oel Pool maintains a healthy sense of humor, the company is serious about the integrity of its supply operations and the profitability of its service stations. With almost half a century under its belt
and gas station and distribution networks all across the country of Switzerland, a strong supply chain strategy that includes reliable mobility solutions is essential.


As Oel Pool’s business grew, so did the size of its paperwork. What was at one time only a minor inconvenience became a tremendous time-killer. Employees found themselves winnowing through documents that were riddled with errors when they could have been satisfying their customers with increased deliveries and improved customer service.

In addition to having to deal with inefficiencies caused by the paper workload, Oel Pool employees also had to wade through inefficiencies caused by an outright lack of a planning tool for their burgeoning heating oil and service station needs. Consequently, Oel Pool lacked reliable information about truck history and trip activities.


  • Implement a reliable, bidirectional planning tool for heating oil and service station offices and drivers
  • Minimize paperwork
  • Reduce errors arising from an outdated and very manual fleet management system

Solution Implemented

Oel Poool introduced TouchStar’s TransPac mobility app to shore up meter connections and to uncover essential information for fleet drivers. Additionally, Oel Pool did away problems related to fleet tracking with TouchStar’s web-based FleetWatch dispatch solution.


Oel Pool effectively eradicated its paperwork problems with the TransPac mobility app. TransPac introduced the possibility of onboard billing and printing, which resulted in less paperwork in the office, fewer mistakes from the drivers, and increased control.

With TouchStar’s FleetWatch dispatch solution, the company had more historical information about each truck’s activities, real-time information about each truck’s journey, and actionable information to be used in Oel Pool’s unique mobile system for heating oil and service stations.

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