Austrian heating oil distributor manages logistical challenges in the Renaissance-baroque state of Styria.

F. Leitner

Leitner implemented TS FleetWatch and Transpac to manage administrative challenges stemming from recent legislation in Austria.

Leitner Company Profile
Headquarters: Graz, Styria
Primary Industry: Heating oil and pellet distribution

F. Leitner Mineralöle GmbH has been providing heating oil and pellets to Styria for more than 50 years. The Austrian state of Styria has been long revered for its magnificent Renaissance and baroque architecture, its stately castles, and its production of fine. Many would consider Leitner to be fortunate to make Styria a home for its 35 service stations.

A state as rich in beauty and tradition as Styria also poses unique logistical challenges. Miles of roadway are surrounded only by countryside. The state is flanked on all sides by mountainous regions. And while some urban areas in Styria are laid out in a neat grid, others are subject to much more challenging driving terrain.


In 2016 and 2017, Austria evolved fiscal laws requiring that businesses issue digitally signed receipts of certain cash transactions related to VAT to all customers at the time of payment, and a “Fiscal Journal” was to be saved at each point of sale. Additionally, some businesses were subject to a “cash register” requirement that impacted the printing and electronic transmission of receipts. A company known for its local service stations and for its distribution of heating fuel, Leitner was impacted significantly by these new fiscal laws. Paperwork became an issue for both service stations and drivers.


  • Conform to new tax laws while managing paperwork efficiently
  • Learn more about company driver behavior in real time
  • Maintain both current and historical view of company truck locations

Solution Implemented

Dispatchers at Leitner began using TS FleetWatch, TouchStar’s cloud-based fleet management application, to learn more about driver behavior and to have the ability to monitor trucks real-time on a web-based map portal.

Leitner also implemented TouchStar’s cloud-based mobility application, Transpac, which empowers drivers to view current customer details, fulfill orders, and print invoices, all while on site with the customer. Transpac integrates directly with TS FleetWatch.


While Austria’s 2016 law on VAT cash purchases could prove to be an administrative challenge to some, Leitner handles the paperwork with ease. The Transpac app makes the provision of receipts quick and simple, decreasing driver admin time by 2-5 minutes per stop. Extrapolated over weeks and months, Leitner drivers are able to make significantly more deliveries, which increases Leitner’s profits significantly.

Additionally, TS FleetWatch provides a real-time, birds-eye view for Leitner dispatchers. This vantage increases business predictability while reducing unreliable “tribal knowledge.” Dispatchers learn more about driver behavior. This knowledge enables them to create better routes with every trip, which saves fuel.

Between fuel savings, time savings, and a reduction in paper management, Leitner realized increased margins as they developed more dynamic fleet management practices.

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