Independent petroleum refiner realizes tangible benefits from emerging fleet technologies

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Founded in 1947, HollyFrontier embraces emerging technologies such as WellSite Manager & Hyperdocs, to the benefit of the company.

HollyFrontier Company Profile
Founded: 1947
Headquarters: Dallas, TX
Primary Industry: Crude Oil Transportation & Marketing


The Holly Corporation, known initially as the “General Appliance Corporation,” had its beginnings in 1947. Frontier Oil opened its doors just two years later, originally as “Wainoco Oil Corporation,” an oil and gas exploration company. It was more than 50 years and several acquisitions, listing changes, and name transformations later that the company became known as “HollyFrontier,” currently traded on the New York Stock Exchange as HFC.

HollyFrontier now operates as in independent petroleum refiner, with subsidiaries who produce and market gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, asphalt, heavy products and specialty lubricant products. The company’s success rises out of a commitment to transparency, environmental stewardship, honesty and respect, health and safety, corporate citizenship, and continuous improvement.


HollyFrontier experienced challenges in managing run tickets from its haulers. Additionally, the company felt it needed to speed up its processes for dispatching loads to and receiving ticket information from haulers. Processes for entering data into SAP were laborious. The leaders at HollyFrontier needed a solution that could improve this process, and that was scalable enough to address the other issues they were experiencing. And in light of the sheer number of people involved in these processes, they needed a solution that was unquestionably easy to use.


  • Integrate with SAP starting with order creation and reconciling with completed run ticket information
  • Totally eliminate data entry
  • Electronically dispatch loads to haulers
  • Simplify training and on-boarding for new haulers
  • Provide load information and reporting real-time

Solution Implemented

HollyFrontier selected TouchStar’s TS WellSite Manager to help manage its orders and to provide real-time visibility of load statuses. It also serves to connect HollyFrontier’s haulers with dispatch, planning, and back-office systems.

To standardize processes, HollyFrontier chose TouchStar’s WellSite mobility app. In doing so, they increased driver utilization and tracking by automatically creating electronic run and offload tickets.

As a business intelligence solution, HollyFrontier implemented TS HyperDocs. HyperDocs works in conjunction with the WellSite mobility app to digitize transactions, documents, and signatures. It provides HollyFrontier’s back office with instant access to run tickets and includes the capability to email customers automatically.


Since HollyFrontier deployed TouchStar’s scalable, integrated fleet management solutions, all paper run tickets have been eliminated, resulting in significant improvements in efficiency and accuracy. HollyFrontier now enjoys full integration with SAP financials, eliminating the need for manual data entry. Driver ticket errors across its more than 200 third-party trucks have been reduced by 80%, also resulting in significant and quantifiable savings for the company. On-boarding, training, and development of truck drivers have also undergone notable improvement.

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