A forward-thinking New Zealand cooperative implements security and efficiency improvements to serve its members better.

Farmlands Truck

TouchStar’s TS HyperDocs freed up Farmlands team members by relieving them of the manual task of emailing delivery dockets, and it reduced the risk of human error.

Farmlands Company Profile
Founded: 1962
Headquarters: Christchurch, NZ
Primary Industry: Farmer Owner Cooperative

Farmlands was established 50 years ago with one goal in mind: reduce farmers’ input costs. This goal spurred the birth of Farmlands Co-operative Society Limited. It was the desire of Farmlands that everyday farmers work together to get themselves a better deal.

Fast forward to today: Farmlands has grown into one of New Zealand’s largest cooperatives, helping rural shareholders nationwide get the most from their business, at the fairest possible price.


As Farmlands’ customer base was growing, the co-op found itself in an efficiency dilemma in that it was manually sending out delivery docket notification emails to its customers. This process was time-consuming and labor intensive. Further complicating the situation, the intended recipient might not be on site during delivery, so the docket, which was generally left near the tank, could easily be misplaced in the elements.


  • Automatic emailing of the delivery docket within 5 minutes of delivery
  • Assurance of safe transfer of delivery dockets

Solution Implemented

Designed to securely digitize transactions, documents, and signatures, TouchStar’s TS HyperDocs was selected to help Farmlands reach its stated goals. One defining feature of HyperDocs, and a feature that directly addressed challenges faced by the cooperative, is that of automatic deployment of customer emails for same-day transactions. Beyond this, HyperDocs also provided the ability to download summary transactions and customer documents, further enhancing the security and reliability of delivery docket transfer.


Farmlands realized a more efficient automated system as a result of the automatic emailing of delivery dockets. The implementation of TS HyperDocs freed up team members by relieving them of the manual task of emailing the docket. Additionally, HyperDocs reduced the risk of error. The updated Farmlands docket delivery system sends emails to customers on-file within 5 minutes of completed deliveries.

Additionally, TouchStar was able to customize the email to include a Farmlands banner and personalization within the body of the email to include the customer’s name. The delivery docket comes as an attached PDF document, and the entire process is automated once the delivery is made. This solution has also increased driver accountability, as there is now no room for error since the automated process does not allow for manual intervention.

“Our shareholders and customers have seen the benefits of automatically receiving their delivery dockets, as it is virtually instantaneous,” said Phil Ryan, Farmlands Fuel National Commercial Manager. “This [solution] allows our customers to have the comfort in knowing a delivery has occurred even while they are on the go. We encourage our customers to ensure their email address is on file so they can benefit from this initiative.”

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