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DiSanto Propane

Leading propane & HVAC service provider incorporates automated field service processes to improve customer service

Disanto Propane
DiSanto Propane Tanks

The integration of ServiCE field service software resulted in far greater control over the DiSanto field service team and has created operational efficiencies in the field and the back-office.

DiSanto Propane Company Profile
Founded: 1937
Headquarters: Clyde, NY
Primary Industry: Propane Distribution

Disanto Propane is a leading supplier of residential and commercial LP Gas to 27 states in the Eastern US. Headquartered in Clyde, NY, DiSanto has been providing the highest quality propane service to its growing list of customers since 1937. As a private, family-owned business, DiSanto Propane has a long history of community support and participation, as well as an ongoing corporate commitment to providing a reliable, energy efficient fuel source to its customers.

“Wherever we go, we strive daily to live up to our 76-year-old heritage of quality products, strict safety standards, and our strong reputation for superior customer care,” said President Jonah DiSanto.


With large numbers of propane trucks operating in multiple states and many locations offering both residential and commercial fuel, DiSanto had already realized the significant benefits provided by the TouchStar fleet automation solutions. With the growth in their areas of distribution came the opportunity to provide HVAC services to include propane tank installations and repairs.

Accurately keeping track of, scheduling, documenting, and invoicing for those field service efforts soon became a challenge. The management team recognized the need for a technology-based solution that would provide tighter controls for dispatching their field service technicians.


  • Greater control over field service technician dispatch and work order assignment
  • Obtain a signature capture at time of each service call
  • Eliminate manual data entry into the back-office, with conversion to an automated admin system
  • Provide consistent “best-in-class” customer service
  • Strong return-on-investment

Solution Implemented

“The ServiCE automated field service software has definitely complimented our existing TransPac LPG propane delivery software solution and has allowed us to take far greater control of what our field service techs are doing,” said DiSanto. The application is loaded onto the field team’s mobile computers, enabling easy control of service team dispatching. In combination with a mobile printer, the units are mounted on portable sleds for easy transfer from one vehicle to another.

In addition to the dispatching capabilities, the mobile device allows for electronic signature capturing and permits the printing of service tickets on site for convenient proof of each service call and activity. The TS HyperDocs application allows the data to be automatically sent to the back office system where copies of service tickets can be easily searched, reproduced, and instantly emailed to customers.


The integration of the ServiCE automated field service software has resulted in far greater control over the DiSanto field service team and has created operational efficiencies in both the field and the back-office. “TouchStar even designed a 12-step sign-off process for us that ensures all proper documents are reviewed and signed,” added DiSanto.

With TS HyperDocs providing electronic copies of all completed work orders, with the electronic signatures included, the DiSanto team now has a much more efficient way to provide proof of work order completions and invoices to customers, which has greatly improved their customer service efforts. The combination of vastly improved efficiencies and the reduction of paper usage in the field and back-office has already provided a strong return-on-investment, that management expects to continue to grow.

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