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The largest privately-owned crude oil purchaser in Louisiana maintains tech focus with automation and electronic dispatch and ticketing

Central Crude
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TS WellSite Manager allows Central Crude to improve dispatch and ticketing efficiency and to remain an industry leader in the effective implementation of emerging technologies.

Central Crude Company Profile
Founded: 1974
Headquarters: Lake Charles, Louisiana
Primary Industry: Crude & Natural Gas Distribution


Headquartered in Lake Charles, Louisiana, Central Crude boasts seven pipelines, sophisticated rail, barge, and trucking networks, and a tank farm with more than a
quarter of a million barrel tanks. Add to this the resources of two sister companies, Louisiana Tank and Jordan Oil, and you end up with what is currently the largest
privately-owned crude oil purchaser in Louisiana.

Since 1974 when the company was founded, Central Crude has remained committed to strong customer service and the ready adoption of emerging, relevant technologies.
Over the years, the company has grown its pipeline network, built gas gathering systems, and added natural gas marketing to its diversified portfolio. Serving customers in Louisiana and Texas, Central Crude upholds its core values of respect for workers, the environment, and industrial regulations while placing a premium on honesty, integrity, and reliability.


After more than 40 years of growth, the adoption of new technologies, and the creation and nurture of complex logistical resources, Central Crude found itself dealing with massive amounts of inefficient, time-consuming paperwork. Additionally, the volume of business being conducted by the company demanded an automated dispatch solution.


  • Minimize paperwork
  • Implement electronic dispatch and ticketing
  • Incorporate increased automation

Solution Implemented

Central Crude adopted TouchStar’s TS WellSite Manager dispatching solution. With WellSite Manager, Central Crude was able to increase automation from the dispatcher’s desk as well as improve management of its ever-growing crude hauling business.

Central Crude connected dispatchers and crude transport drivers using TouchStar’s Android-based WellSite mobility application. This allowed dispatchers and drivers to share accurate, up-to-date load information and continuity of workflow at all times, even when a cellular connection was not available.

To reduce the mountains of paperwork being managed by the company, Central Crude implemented TouchStar’s business intelligence solution, TS HyperDocs. In doing so, the company was able to transparently digitize all transactions, documents, and signatures, making paper copies of transactions unnecessary. HyperDocs also automated the emailing of run tickets directly to customers.


Since incorporating TS WellSite Manager and TouchStar’s WellSite mobility app, Central Crude has realized improvements in efficiency and data integrity and transfer. These improvements have helped the company to enjoy growth while continuing to adhere to its core values. Integrated SLAs that comply with contractual obligations lend themselves naturally to improved customer service and unquestionable regulatory compliance. Additionally, Central Crude’s drivers appreciate the fact that the WellSite app walks them through the run ticket and offload process and handles complex calculations. This has resulted in the elimination of errors due to hand-calculation and the reduction of labor and expenses related to costly corrections.

From a tactical standpoint, Central Crude has been able to minimize paperwork significantly by using HyperDocs. Electronic ticketing and signature capture have resulted in savings of both time and money, as the expense of physical paper and the necessary management of it has been diminished considerably.

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