Innovative aviation refueling company leaves dated systems behind to better serve southeast Asian airlines

BAFS Refuel

BAFS upgraded its existing DOS-based system with TouchStar’s AvPac and TS HyperDocs, resulting in a more stable system and fewer maintenance costs.

Bangkok Aviation Fuel Service Company Profile
Founded: 1983
Headquarters: Bangkok, Thailand
Primary Industry: Aviation refueling

Bangkok Aviation Fuel Service (BAFS)
was founded in Thailand in 1983 out of a flourishing aviation industry and an economic boom in Southeast Asia. The company maintains its commitment to advanced technology, service competency, and expert collaboration even to this day. As a result, BAFS has enjoyed the benefits of a notably efficient aviation refueling system for decades. Serving both Don Muang International Airport and Southeast Asia’s newest aviation hub, Suvarnabhumi Airport, BAFS has developed a unique underground “hydrant” pipeline network that is equipped to provide aviation refueling services to all types of aircraft at either airport.

BAFS has seen consistent growth in the volume of fuel serviced in 31 of the past 33 months (since the start of 2015). Similarly, the company has seen steady growth in the number of flights serviced in 32 of the last 33 months. In September 2017, the company serviced almost 23,000 flights and uplifted more than 453 million liters of fuel. The company partners with Chevron, ExxonMobil, and Shell as well as Thai Airways International and Total to serve major international airlines such as Emirates, Korean Air, and Japan Airlines. BAFS is listed on the Thailand Stock Exchange (BKK) under the symbol “BAFS.”


BAFS had been using a very dated system of handhelds that were still DOS-based. In order to be able to manage the incredible volume of fuel that was coursing through their hydrant pipeline network, operators needed a significant modernization of equipment.

Additionally, BAFS needed an integrated solution that would provide real-time tracking of fleet vehicles. Such a solution would need to provide clear improvements in the scheduling of fueling vehicles; it would need to be able to interface with a flight information delivery system (FIDS); and, it would need to be able to handle fuel supply, contract creation, and apportioning of flights to fuel suppliers.


  • Improve reliability of fleet with modern in-vehicle systems
  • Improve backend integration to data feeds (FIDS)
  • Improve visibility of refueling fleet throughout the airports
  • Implement Gate-to-Gate Dynamic Dispatching to significantly improve hydrant dispenser and operator utilization and efficiency

Solution Implemented

To accomplish its goals, BAFS implemented TouchStar’s AvPac in-vehicle refuelling application. AvPac automates and standardizes processes for aviation refuellers, and it manages daily workflow, from vehicle inspections and equipment checks to delivery tickets and invoicing, through a mobile device that communicates information to the back office.

BAFS also incorporated TouchStar’s AvFleetMarshal into their vehicle planning and monitoring regimen. AvFleetMarshal provided the fleet visibility the company desired. Designed to be used in aviation contexts, AvFleetMarshal is a schedule management and planning solution that provides GPS bread-crumbing, event-driven alarms, and fleet visibility for entire fleets.

In addition to AvPac and AvFleetMarshal, BAFS also added TouchStar’s aviation enterprise solutions, AvManager and AvSchedule.


The installation of AvPac and its companion pieces provided a clear improvement to the visibility and efficiency of the fueling fleet, which is a 24-hour system. As a result, the company has seen a quantifiable decrease in maintenance costs. Support costs have also diminished. All of these improvements contribute to an improved bottom line for the company.

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