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Allied Petroleum
Allied Petroleum DMR

Allied Petroleum’s 320 HP 4×2 Volvo DMR unit boasts a 7,500 load capacity. This unit is one of more than 80 refueling units that the company manages with TouchStar’s FleetAtlas Framework.

Allied Petroleum Company Profile
Founded: 1993
Headquarters: Christchurch New Zealand
Primary Industry: Bulk diesel & fuel delivery

“Never run out” is the philosophy that guides the business practices of New Zealand-based Allied Petroleum. It is this directive that has elevated the company to its current status as one of New Zealand’s safest and most prolific fuel delivery companies. Allied Petroleum credits its success to an “experienced driver team,” made up of individuals who “have great knowledge about changing customer demand and local conditions.” Drivers are empowered to provide input into fuel delivery scheduling “to ensure customers’ needs are met.” The empowerment of drivers makes sense for fuel delivery companies, as drivers often have the most immediate and concrete insight into the current needs of their clients. However, the effective utilization of real-time driver insights requires intuitive fleet management communications and inventory tools.


In the early 2000s, Allied Petroleum began experiencing significant growth. Its deliveries expanded from South Island (NZ) to North Island. The company’s fleet grew proportionately, and Allied Petroleum began to feel the double-edged sword of expansion: growth brings new customers and ultimately increased revenues; however, it also necessitates the acquisition of new assets and resources – assets and resources that need to be managed. Their growth promised success, but not without logistical challenges.


  • Improve control and efficiencies across bulk refueling and Direct Machine Refueling (DMR) fleets

Solution Implemented

Allied Petroleum implemented a comprehensive, integrated fleet management solution to manage bulk refueling and DMR needs. To manage its 80+ refueling trucks, including a new 320 HP Volvo 4×2 unit specifically designed to manage DMR, Allied Petroleum introduced multiple TouchStar solutions, including TransPac and TransPac Fuel, TS FleetMarshal, TS Schedule, HyperDocs, and TS Easy Planning. These tools are designed to simplify fleet management from dispatcher to driver to customer in the following ways:

  • TransPac and TransPac Fuel – enable drivers to view current customer details, fulfill orders, and print invoices on-site
  • TS FleetMarshal – provides real-time schedule management for fleets of any size
  • TS Fleetwatch – provides real-time location tracking as well as data collected from each vehicle
  • TS Schedule – automatically generates driver schedules based on predetermined criteria
  • HyperDocs – securely and transparently digitizes transactions, documents, and signatures from TouchStar mobility applications
  • TS Easy Planning – allows for efficient routes to be created based on scheduled deliveries and driver availability for the day


Since implementing a streamlined, integrated fleet management solution, Allied Petroleum has been able to increase capacity and fortify its ability to take care of fleet refueling activities across a growing clientele. Adoption has been minimally disruptive, allowing Allied Petroleum to maintain business as usual, even during the implementation phase. The selected fleet management framework (TouchStar’s FleetAtlas Framework) has helped Allied Petroleum to service existing clients efficiently while facilitating continued growth in the future.

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