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Canada’s largest fleet refueller upgrades to state of the art mobility solution

4Refuel Truck

4Refuel utilizes TouchStar’s TransPac Fuel app, conducting over 3.5M unique fueling transactions annually.

4Refuel Company Profile
Founded: 1995
Headquarters: British Columbia, Canada
Primary Industry: Mobile On-Site Refueling

As Canada’s largest and most experienced mobile refueller, 4Refuel has dominated the direct-to-equipment market for over 15 years and ranks among the country’s largest fuel buyers. Currently managing nearly one billion liters of fuel per year, 4Refuel has grown at a 26% annual rate. For businesses in transport, construction, rail, mining, and marine, 4Refuel gives unprecedented control over fuel costs. The company offers one of the most sophisticated fuel management systems; a web-based resource management and
cost control portal called Fuel Management Online.

4Refuel also distinguishes itself as a leader in standards of service, safety, and environmental protection and has received a wide spectrum of industry praise, including ranking among ‘Canada’s 50 Best Managed Companies’ and being recognized “among the safest and most environmentally responsible” by Federated Insurance of Canada.


As a long-time TouchStar customer, 4Refuel has been successfully using TransPac Fuel for many years and experienced great benefits from the paperless processes. Their continued growth, adding 30 refueling trucks in a short three year period, with plans for another 60 trucks over the next year, led the 4Refuel management team to explore additional features that could enhance their operations and gain even greater efficiencies.

4Refuel Article

“The biggest thing I’m seeing right now is data coming in, into the hands of the right people on their phones and tablets at the right time…and being powered by mobility, if you have the right data you can do something with it quicker.”
-James Cameron Lee, CIO, 4Refuel.
Read more about 4Refuel’s use of TouchStar mobility solutions in Energy Digital magazine online


  • Integrate wireless RFID tag readers with state of the art mobile computers
  • Enhanced “Machine to Machine” communication methodologies
  • Provide accurate, real-time data to clients

Solution Implemented

The upgrade to the TransPac Fuel application, delivered on the rugged Flex TREQ-VMx mobile computer, significantly enhances the automated delivery solution first deployed several years ago. While already utilizing daily wireless communications directly to the delivery vehicle, enhanced communication methods allow for real-time wireless communications so 4Refuel can more accurately track assets and maximize driver delivery efficiency. Completed deliveries can be posted against a client’s account within minutes of completion of the delivery, and electronic copies of the delivery tickets can automatically be emailed to the client.

“As a leader and innovator in our industry, technology is a key differentiator for us,” said Don Sadowski, 4Refuel VP of Information Systems. “The TransPac Fuel upgrade fully automates our fuel management system and will help us achieve greater productivity and efficiency gains.”


With the TransPac Fuel upgrade, each onsite fueling transaction is now digitally recorded and made available online to their customers – who can then analyze their fuel use. By providing this data to its clients, 4Refuel is able to create regular fuel management plans, which enable their clients to save thousands of liters of fuel each month, while also cutting pollutants and overall costs.

“You can’t manage what you can’t measure,” added Sadowski, “and TouchStar enables us to measure what we need. This upgrade and TouchStar’s ability to tailor the software to our requirements will play an important role to our future growth and expansion.”

Since originally implementing the TouchStar fuel distribution software solutions, 4Refuel has been through two successful acquisitions. With each acquiring company striving to optimize operational efficiencies, the one constant throughout each process was the TouchStar TransPac Fuel software and applications as an effective and efficient business automation solution.

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