Want to be an office hero? Get rid of paper.

Enough with paper. Who knew that this office staple (so to speak) could be the source of such dismay and heartache? At a mere .16 ounce per sheet, this seemingly harmless office supply can unleash significant damage on your fleet operations. Don’t believe me? Allow me to share with you just a few troubling anecdotes, and see if you don’t feel the same.


The Comfortable Receipt

Last week, I submitted a paper receipt to my Finance department. The receipt was roughly two and a half inches wide by four inches. Bright yellow with the vendor’s company logo at the top and a signature line at the bottom.

Oh, I should probably mention, the paper receipt had been sitting on my desk for roughly two weeks. I saw it every day. It rested contentedly just below my left-side computer screen. Benign. Unassuming. I might also mention that in the two weeks that said receipt made its happy home in the peaceful shadow of my monitor, I probably walked past my Finance Director’s desk between four and eight times. Yet for some unknown reason, I simply could not transport this miniature document to her desk. I cannot explain why I couldn’t. It’s not as though turning in the receipt was particularly inconvenient. The tiny sheet weighed only a fraction of an ounce, so there was no physical burden. To my knowledge, the paper receipt was not attached to any sort of booby trap that would dump slime all over me if I disturbed it. There was no conceivable good reason for not making the delivery.

I tell this somewhat self-sabotaging story to make a point about paper receipts. Many times, they do not make it to their intended destination, and sometimes when they do, it is only after a good amount of time has passed. I will say (to my boss’s relief) that this delay in transferring the tiny piece of paper to my Finance Director likely did not set our company on its ear. But that’s not always the case in transportation and logistics, right? Sometimes, very important transactional documents succumb to the law of inertia (or the law of spilled Pepsi, or the law of cluttered glove compartments, or the law of open truck windows on blustery days). However, had the document not been paper, but instead, a quick, shiny, digital impulse, its contents would have made their way to the back office faster than you can say “I’ll take a Big Gulp®, no lid necessary.”

Modern mobility apps such as TS HyperDocs remove paper from the equation altogether, digitizing all of your transactions, documents, and signatures from TouchStar’s Mobility Applications. No more paper delay. So all you have to worry about is explaining to your dispatcher how you ended up at a convenience store two miles off your route.


The Pompous Colleague

Are you like me? Do you love to prove to your children that you’re pretty much always right? Especially that doubting child whom you suspect might think that you would lose your middle name if it weren’t trapped between your first and last? Skeptical questions regularly mount from the back seat of the car no more than two minutes into any drive. “Are you sure we’re going the right direction to the skating party?” “Weren’t we supposed to be there two hours ago?” “What does that word mean, and why would you say it to that other driver who obviously cannot hear you?” While I cannot provide a good answer to the child for the third question, I am quick to whip out my phone for the first two questions to prove that I am right beyond the shadow of a doubt. Ah, the sweet victories of parenthood.

Switch gears now – you’re at work and the same situation arises (sans skating party). It’s that pompous colleague just down the hall from you. You know, the one who keeps a picture of his trophy wife (whom you have never actually seen in person) readily visible on the far right side of his desk? The colleague who has decorated the faded fabric walls of his cubicle with certificates and accolades you never even knew applied to your industry?

The colleague with whom you have a recurring meeting every Wednesday at 12:30 PM.

Yes, you, your pompous colleague, and five other people have the same lunch-busting meeting every week. Amazingly after all this time, you still inevitably fail to grab a quick snack in the minutes leading up to it. The meeting commences, and your stomach begins to growl. In mere minutes, you become so ravenous that you would happily sign over the rights to the company’s latest patent faster than Esau, for just one single, low-fat, puffed cheese curl. You finally make your presentation in spite of the ever-present pangs of hunger. It’s 1:18. You think you’re finished, when suddenly, Mr. Pompous’ challenges begin to fill the stale air of the conference room. “I don’t know that we have that client’s information.” “Are you sure that transaction ever took place? I don’t remember anything about it.” “I’m not sure anyone really knows the cost of that product just yet.” Fed up and seemingly on the verge of starvation, you swing your laptop around, and all of a sudden, glorious truth crystallizes on-screen like a message from the heavens, in full 720p, right in front of their bewildered and secretly envious faces. No paper involved. No USB drives. No, your account information was magically beamed to your computer from the ubiquitous, merciful “Cloud.”

Be that guy. Use TS HyperDocs, and sync your documents to the cloud. It’s your time to show your colleagues (and your children) that indeed, you do have the answer for that.


The 5:00 Dilemma

You just got back to headquarters after a brutal shift. You’ve been on the road all day, driving the company reefer. You’ve hit red lights you never even knew existed. You’ve been on the receiving end of three good fist waggings and a bevy of other hand gestures. You’ve been surrounded all day by a mass of drivers who seem to believe that you should be able to maneuver your vehicle through traffic with the nimbleness of a 1970 Fiat 500. Your hollow eyes look up at the dash as you put the truck in Park. The clock strikes 5:00. You breathe a sigh of relief. It’s finally quitting time.

But wait.

Have you recorded your hours? No? Well, then your day is not yet over yet, is it? You must now spend valuable time digging through a stack of outdated insurance verification forms, 5 broken tire gauges, something sticky, a few vehicle inspections, and an amazingly compact umbrella (broken), to unearth that fount of service documentation known as Your Paper Log Book. Reach for a pen – the first one oozes black ink all over your fingers. The second one refuses to write, no matter how many circles you draw on the back of your hand. Finally, the third one’s a charm. With weary fingers, you apply pen to paper in a manner reminiscent of Adam Sandler’s Billy Madison when challenged by his third-grade teacher to write “Rizzuto” on the chalkboard (YouTube it).

Now let me ask you: What if you didn’t have to write in your paper logbook at the end of the day? What if your miles were logged automatically? What if all you had to do was drive and the miles would be logged effortlessly, accurately, and without any embarrassing scribbles. TouchStar’s eLOG does just that. And is if that weren’t enough, eLOG is FMCSA compliant, so no need to worry about being unable to buy doughnuts for the entire office due to having to pay a bunch of stiff fines. Doughnuts + no fines + paperless logging = hero.

Get rid of paper, save money, and be an office hero.


Call TouchStar, and find out about its many paperless fleet management solutions.


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