Give Your Fleet the Power of the Cloud

For far too long, small to medium sized fleets have been unable to experience the benefits of mobile workforce automation due to the high cost of implementation. The investment required to outfit even a small fleet was more than most could justify spending on a “nice to have” solution.

Well, those days are gone and mobile workforce automation is no longer a “nice to have” but a “must have” in order to stay relevant in today’s market.

As the range of available cloud-based solutions has expanded, the door has been opened for smaller fleet organizations to reap the benefits of automation – including fleet tracking, mobility, and route planning and optimization. The door has opened mostly due to lower cost and quicker deployment of these solutions.

As a subscription service, there’s not the same one-time lump sum investment required to get started as there is with a traditional, server based solution. Instead, the essence of cloud-based services is that you pay a monthly charge for the number of subscriptions you have. With that, you gain the same benefits that most large fleet organizations are already experiencing for a much lower cost.

  • Improved Fleet Visibility
  • Shorter Days Sales Outstanding
  • Increased Data Accuracy
  • Reduced Operating Costs

Manual, paper-based processes may have been sufficient in the past, but there’s a better way to manage your fleet operations and it’s now attainable for fleet organizations of any size.

What cloud solutions will provide the most impact on your business?

GPS Fleet Tracking
Starting at little more than $1/day per truck, you can gain visibility into location, status, and route travelled throughout the day for each vehicle in your fleet. That means you can see where your drivers are and where they’ve been throughout the day and know with certainty if they’re doing what they’re supposed to.

Route Planning & Optimization
Expanding upon fleet tracking, a route planning solution allows you to enter scheduled deliveries for the day and generate optimized routes based on shortest distance, shortest time, or a combination of multiple factors to maximize efficiency. This helps drastically with establishing sales territories, ensuring customer needs are met, and that trucks are stocked with the correct product to fulfill orders.

Perhaps the largest impact on how your business operates daily comes with the implementation of a mobility solution. With this you essentially eliminate paper field processes and manual data entry; creating a process where delivery information is captured electronically through a handheld device and transferred directly to your back office and ERP systems.

Not only does this drastically reduce the time it takes to receive field data from drivers, it improves the quality of that data as well. All of this combined has a major impact on days sales outstanding and provides a rapid return on investment.

If you aren’t taking advantage of the benefits these solutions can provide your business, it’s time to start. Let us show you how our solutions can change the way you operate to improve efficiencies across your organization.

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