Quit Wasting Your Fleet Tracking Data!

You may not realize it, but you’re likely wasting valuable fleet tracking data. Right now, your fleet is generating data and you aren’t doing anything with it.

Why would you do that? Fleet tracking data is like gold!

Even in its most basic form, there is much to glean about your fleet. If you aren’t using the fleet tracking data produced though, those benefits will never be realized.

How are you wasting it you ask? By not maximizing the full potential of analyzing available data and leveraging it across your business there is a significant amount of intelligence left on the table. Sure, you have a fleet tracking solution installed and you know where your trucks are and where they’ve been, but beyond that how are you using the system?

If you aren’t doing some, or all, of the following then that data is going to waste!

Improve Driver Behavior

Beyond tracking vehicle location, most fleet tracking solutions include some form of driver behavior monitoring. This is something that should be used in an ongoing basis to improve safety and driver performance.

Most basic tracking applications have functionality to track speeding, harsh breaking, and excessive idling. All of which can be monitored and used to coach drivers on how they can improve their performance and increase safety.

More advanced fleet tracking applications include an in-cab verbal coach which provides warnings in these instances, enabling more immediate corrective action to take place.

Improve Routing

You already know where your vehicles go throughout the day, why not use that fleet tracking data to create more efficient routes? In doing so, you’ll be able reduce miles driven across the entire fleet. 

Analyzing miles driven and stops made throughout the day allows you to identify trends and areas where mileage can be reduced.  By designing more efficient routes, your drivers will be able to do more in the same amount of time, while also reducing fuel consumption in the process.

Integrate With Additional Software

By integrating fleet tracking data with other automation solutions you create an end-to-end system that enables an efficient process from the time an order is taken through to fulfillment. You’ll uncover trends in workforce behavior, fleet management, operations, and customer usage that you can adjust to make improvements across the business.

With systems integrated across your fleet – from fleet tracking and mobility applications to scheduling and dispatch – your data from one system feeds into the next, creating a highly valuable business intelligence tool. When each system is within the same framework, you’re able to leverage that data in a way that improves every aspect of your business.

Reduce Operational Costs

The culmination of each of these is that when you begin taking advantage of the data produced to make process improvements, you’ll experience a reduction in operational costs. By eliminating manual routing (and the time required to manage it), reducing fuel costs, and improving fleet management capabilities; you can expect to see drastic reductions in the cost of managing your business.

Additionally, your employees will be enabled to do much more with much less.

Regardless of the system you have in place or choose to implement, odds are good that you can do more with it than simply see where your vehicles are. Every system generates valuable data that can be used to improve your business – don’t let it go to waste!

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