In-Cab Technology – Have We Reached a Tipping Point?

Where are my trucks? Are they being driven safely? Are my drivers staying legal with their Hours-Of-Service requirements? How can I reduce driver paperwork? Are my assets being utilized in the most efficient manner? As fleet owners searched for answers to these questions, many looked to technology for solutions. Typically this investigation focused around the item giving the business the most pain at the time, often brought on by a specific incident (DOT fine, accident, regulatory requirement, customer service failures, etc.). This sense of urgency prevented many from taking the time for a more in depth look at the benefits of in-cab technology and automation.

If you look at many trucks today you will discover the results of this tunnel-vision – numerous, disparate pieces of technology providing only specific information. This includes separate systems for GPS tracking, navigation, driver behavior management, telematics, electronic log books and in-cab billing, for example. Each of these systems has unique hardware, software, and communication methods.

This in-cab technology clutter can be a challenge in a number of ways:

    • Data – Different information in various formats transmitted to the back office
    • Ergonomics – Multiple hardware platforms taking up valuable real estate in the cab
    • Installation – Complications and costs with numerous installs, many times competing for the same resources (i.e. power)
    • Maintenance – Difficulty in troubleshooting and determining who to call when a failure occurs
    • User Interface – Multiple user interfaces complicating training and user adoption

With today’s technology capabilities, rather than being inundated with data from multiple systems, there is opportunity for an integrated solutions utilizing a single in-cab device. This single source solution then compiles all relevant data into meaningful KPIs.

How much more powerful would a reporting tool be if it analyzed all field data, not just separate pieces?

Learn more about our how our FleetAtlas Framework enables you to create a fully connected business – from the field to the back office.


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