How the Cloud is Redefining Fleet Management

While “The Cloud” is a familiar term to most in the business world, there is still some confusion as to what it really is and how organizations can leverage its business benefits. Often referred to in a myriad of different ways – cloud-based, SaaS, web-based, etc. – the cloud is essentially any application delivered via
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5 Unique Ways to Utilize Geofencing

What is Geofencing? A valuable benefit to any fleet tracking solution, geofencing allows you to create a geographic zone on your fleet management map and assign various vehicles to that specific zone. If and when those vehicles enter/exit their designated zone, your fleet manager or dispatcher receives an alert notifying them of the activity. This
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In-Cab Technology – Have We Reached a Tipping Point?

Where are my trucks? Are they being driven safely? Are my drivers staying legal with their Hours-Of-Service requirements? How can I reduce driver paperwork? Are my assets being utilized in the most efficient manner? As fleet owners searched for answers to these questions, many looked to technology for solutions. Typically this investigation focused around the
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