Customer Metrics You Need to be Tracking

We’ve previously discussed metrics you should track on your drivers and your fleet, now we’ll look into the final entity that you should be focused on measuring – your customer. Customers are the reason you’re in business and they’re the only way you stay profitable. You need to understand what they’re thinking, how they perceive
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Fleet Performance Metrics You Need to be Tracking

In this post, we continue looking into important performance metrics you need to be tracking by turning our focus from your drivers to your fleet. While controlled by drivers, vehicles are an entirely separate entity, producing vast amounts of data that can be analyzed and used to reduce operational costs, extend the life of a
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Driver Performance Metrics You Need to be Tracking

There are hundreds of metrics that can be measured and tracked based on data gained from your fleet. Overall mileage, fleet utilization, fuel consumption, delivery efficiency – the list goes on and on. Data available from today’s technology allows you to measure nearly anything you want. Many of these sound nice, but at the end
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