TS FleetWatch

Cloud Fleet Management

TS FleetWatch is a cloud based fleet management application that, when combined with iTRACK / intelTRACK provides real time location tracking of your fleet as well as data collected from each vehicle.

View the location and status of a single vehicle or the entire fleet on a continual basis through the customized web based portal.

Improved Dispatch Processes

Provide customers with accurate arrival and departure times based on optimized route specifications.

Increased Customer Service

Automated scheduling allows for routes to be created based on the most fuel efficient delivery route – eliminating inefficient or erratic delivery routes that use excessive amounts of fuel.

Anywhere Management

As a cloud based software, access the portal through any PC with an internet connection enabling you to view and manage fleet activities whether in the office or on the road.

Enhanced Communications

Communicate directly with drivers for schedule changes and updates throughout the day.

Informed Decision Making

Data is stored on routes, customer orders and deliveries, and vehicle activities so that you can make informed decisions based on accurate information.

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