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Global Support & Services

Consulting & Professional Services

Our Professional Service team offers consulting and planning services to ensure your project is successful.

Help Desk & Technical Support

Our customer service team provides various levels of help desk and technical support for your end users.

Implementation & Installation

We offer multiple installation methods that best meet the needs of your organization.

Managed Services

We provide data management and infrastructure support services to enable a secure environment and optimal performance for your TouchStar applications.

To best serve our customers around the world, we provide multiple resources and services available to develop a plan based on your specific goals, execute a successful project implementation, manage process changes, and support your system once in place.

Consulting & Professional Services

Engage TouchStar’s industry consultants, experienced in global workforce automation best practices, to help guide you through the challenges of implementing a successful mobile workforce and fleet automation solution.

With teams located around the world, we provide consulting and planning services to ensure each project is defined and executed successfully based on your business objectives.

Business Process Review (BPR)

The starting point for any project, our Business Process Review (BPR) combines industry expert knowledge with 20+ years of experience delivering mobile technology solutions. The BPR process gathers all key stakeholders in your business together to identify the Present Method of Operation (PMO) in an intense on-site workshop designed to identify how all relevant departments currently work together to deliver your product to your customers.

Drivers, Customer Support Reps (CSRs), Dispatchers, Management from all levels, and your Operations experts are interviewed and led in facilitated discussions aimed at uncovering the unique processes and standards your company relies on to maintain efficiency and delivery of your product to market.

Once the current PMO is identified for each element of the business, TouchStar’s industry and mobility experts will provide guidance for process improvement and generate a plan to migrate to the Future State of Operations, utilizing field and office-based applications to manage the data flow between all systems.

This information will then be used to tailor TouchStar’s integrated automation solutions to meet the specific needs and requirements of your business and develop our guaranteed ROI.

Change Management Consulting

An important, and yet sometimes neglected element of automation, is the development of clear business objectives, establishing precisely how they will be measured and fully understanding what post-automation processes are. Ensuring all the expected changes are made within the business to achieve automation goals requires disciplined change management and follow-through.

Our team can assist in developing a master “Change Management Plan” with established departmental actions and milestones. Building a unified vision of exactly what an automation initiative will mean to a business and what proactive steps are considered necessary will involve many stakeholders. Building consensus and multi-department buy-in throughout the organization is a vital process that we can help manage.

Project Implementation

TouchStar embarks on every project utilizing its proven 8 Point Process – which was developed over more than 20 years of mobile computing experience – and ensures the solution delivered perfectly matches the requirements of your business.

  1. Business Process Review
  2. Detailed Technical Review
  3. Application Configuration and Tailoring
  4. Customer User Acceptance Testing
  5. User Training
  6. Pilot Deployment
  7. General Deployment
  8. System Support

These 8 steps successfully lead customers through a detailed project plan as the project team clearly evaluates business practices and identifies requirements and deliverables for the proposed project. The steps also confirm the project in terms of scope, time-frame, participants and their respective roles and responsibilities. Finally, the steps ensure that a detailed analysis of the technical environment, supported hardware, and network configuration is performed without fail – allowing us to determine the guaranteed ROI for your solution.

Help Desk & Technical Support

We provide various levels of support for our clients, with online resources and phone support available.

Administrator (Tier 2) Support

Provides Helpdesk access via email or phone to select individuals of your organization. Many companies have their own helpdesk and select this level of service to provide a deeper level of technical backup to their internal team.

End User Support

Provides Helpdesk access to all customer stakeholders, including field mobility users. This option is typically utilized by customers who do not currently have an internal helpdesk to support their TouchStar solution.

24-Hour Support

Our premium offering, providing your workforce access to our 24-hour number, which can be utilized after hours, on weekends, and holidays.

On-site Support

In the event that support is needed on-site at one of your locations, we can arrange for a TouchStar representative to visit you.

Implementation & Installation

Vehicle, device, peripherals, and in-truck configurations are more than just basic components of a platform. Complex and tightly integrated, they are vital tools necessary to transform old business processes and execute field operations as designed by the overall mobile strategy. Exacting operational standards, advanced diagnostics, safety certifications, real world testing, evaluation and re-evaluation forms the core of our approach.

We offer multiple mounting systems, configurable to meet the needs of your drivers, which provide ergonomic, safe, and reliable vehicle infrastructure – which is a critical aspect of building a successful automation system.

Our large, broad-scale agents around the world ensure that you have the resources necessary for a successful implementation. You have the option to choose which will work best for your organization:

Train the Trainer

Our most popular option, this ensures that you have a resource on your team that fully understands your system and can complete the installation throughout your entire fleet. One of our engineers spends two days with a member of your team to learn how to install, troubleshoot, and manage your system; allowing them to complete the installation.

TS Installation

Our team of engineers installs and configures the TouchStar system throughout your fleet.

Third Party Installation

We have a number of trusted partners that complete a rigorous training session available to complete your installation.

Managed Services

Hosted Data & Infrastructure Services

Off-site hosting and storage provides a secure environment for applications and databases, eliminating the need for customers to manage and support within their own infrastructure.

Managed Cellular Data Services

Active management of a customer’s data pool for optimal allocation and cost effectiveness.

Data Plans

Competitive and configurable cellular data options including set-up, configuration, and management for all devices.

TouchStar University

An online user training program that compliments initial or refresher training with easy-to-use, self-tutorial and testing courses for all TouchStar users.

Hardware Services

TouchStar supported hardware systems are typically warranted for 12-months by the respective equipment manufacturers. Normally, repair or replacement of equipment under warranty is carried out free-of-charge, provided the equipment has not been subject to liquid ingress, over voltage, misuse, unauthorized alteration/modification or repair. Extended warranty and/or optional accidental damage coverage can also be offered when provided by the respective manufacturers.

Service Exchange

Perfect program for customers with critical TouchStar mobile computing systems, who require a 24-hour turn-around on equipment replacement along with a managed back-up spares pool.

High Priority Service

Excellent program for customers requiring a maximum of 5 business day turn-around on equipment repairs.

Priority Service

Strong program for customers requiring a maximum 20 business day turn-around on equipment repairs.

Standard Warranty Service

Good program for customers during the standard 12-month warranty period offered by the various equipment manufacturers.

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