Expandable Cloud GPS Fleet Tracking

intelTRACK is an integrated telematics and fleet tracking solution that provides valuable insight into the location and activities of your vehicles and drivers.

GPS tracking, driver behavior monitoring, Geo-Fence capabilities, and a Can-Bus interface provide an advanced fleet tracking tool, but with optional GPS navigation and In-Cab Driver Coach; intelTRACK becomes a full telematics solution that can be leveraged to provide intelligence on the performance of your entire fleet.

More than telematics, intelTRACK is the starting point for your business to begin a highly rewarding automation journey. As an entry into our FleetAtlas Integrated Solutions Framework, you gain the ability to expand into paperless workforce, dynamic fleet dispatching, and route optimization solutions that provide vastly improved efficiencies and a rapid return on your investment.

Lower Fuel Costs

See the routes your vehicles travel throughout the day and use that data to improve fuel consumption by reducing unnecessary stops, decreasing idle time, and creating more efficient routes.

Decrease Vehicle Wear and Tear

Leverage driver behavior monitoring and vehicle usage data to create and enforce better driving habits and adopt proactive maintenance practices.

Reduced Traffic Violations and Help Protect Your Drivers

An optional In-Cab Driver Coach verbally notifies the driver of behavior such as speeding, harsh breaking, or excessive idle time, and allows time for correction before a report is sent to the fleet manager.

Create Efficiency Reports to Improve Workforce Productivity

Develop reports on individual vehicles or the entire fleet to analyze miles driven, driver behavior, drive time, and more.

Lay the foundation for an Automation Journey

intelTRACK provides the groundwork for you to expand into mobile computing and automation solutions, where commercial and time and motion data are integrated for in-depth Cost-to-Serve Reporting and Management.

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