Cloud GPS Fleet Tracking

iTRACK is a powerful, cloud based GPS Fleet Tracking solution that gives valuable insight into vehicle location and activity in real time.

Whether managing a small or large fleet, iTRACK is an interactive, easy to deploy solution with GPS tracking, driver behavior monitoring, and Geo-Fence and security capabilities with an online interface providing critical insight and data for any fleet manager.

Lower Fuel Costs

Know exactly where your vehicles travel throughout the day and improve fuel consumption by reducing unnecessary stops, creating more direct routes, decreasing idle time, and eliminating unauthorized usage.

Increase Productivity

Efficiency gains allow for more time working and less time driving, meaning more deliveries and jobs completed in a day.

Reduce Overtime Costs

Automated reporting enables accurate time tracking.

Improve Customer Service

Provide your customers with accurate arrival and departure times and enable a more responsive operation to meet last minute customer needs.

Decrease Traffic Violations

Monitor driver behavior and receive alerts on speeding, harsh breaking, and more.

Enhance Safety and Security

Set geographic zones and authorized drivers for specific vehicles and receive alerts on unauthorized usage or activity.

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